The Ladybug . . .


Many hotels and resorts go "GREEN".  At Destiny Bay the preference is "Red" (red and black that is).  The love for and especially Lynn's love for  the "Ladybug" is their symbol to show that they care.  They care about the environment and strive to do whatever they can to protect it.  Noticeable environmental consideration is obvious as soon as you set foot onto the property (you will also notice the ladybugs). 

Most cottages have living sod roofs.  Many people ask, "Why?" Well, to start, they are unique and attractive.  Being continuously irrigated with water that is four degrees celsius provides a wonderful cooling effect.  So, on those hot summer days you will enjoy peace and quiet without the constant groan of air conditioners (don't forget the energy that those air conditioners would consume).  And speaking of "quiet", the sod roofs render the inside of the cottages near sound-proof. 

Throughout the grounds you will notice an absence of commercially produced materials.  Instead, you will see natural rock retaining walls, large flat stone pathways and natural wood materials used wherever possible.  What you don't see is that the grounds are maintained without the use of harmful chemicals, pesticides and herbicides.  The resident goats have brought a new and exciting purpose of tending to the owners’ log house roof by constantly performing their weed and feed grazing operation. 

The resort promotes the "Throw In The Towel" program to reduce laundry.  Water softeners have been installed which has resulted in a reduction of laundry detergent by as much as seventy percent.  The in-room amenities provided for the guests are the "Proterra" line which means "for the earth".  Even the light bulbs have been converted to LED.

The resort continues to strive to do their part to preserve the natural environment and encourage recycling and composting.  Remember:  Reduce, Re-use and Recycle.

Lynn has been collecting "ladybugs" since she was knee-high to a grasshopper, and her own private collection would amaze anyone.  With sincerest appreciation her collection continues to grow as family, friends and guests often surprise her with yet another ladybug that she has not already seen.

To share the joy the resort created "The Ladybug" gift shop.  Located in the reception area of the main lodge, the modest collection of ladybugs and souvenirs offered for sale are all truly unique and will always put a smile on anyone's face.  "The Ladybug" gift shop is open daily during normal business hours throughout the summer season.

Yes, at Destiny Bay Resort they love "Ladybugs" and the environment too!

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Ladybugs (and the environment)

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